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Behind the scenes at our Flagship store opening!


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As we hit 2014, it’s time to reflect on all the things that happened in 2013. Here at Yours Clothing, we have to say it has been a massive year! We are expanding like never before, and have had stores popping up like wildfire.

One of our biggest achievements for 2013 has to be opening our flagship store in Cardiff. I went down to help with the store opening, from just a blank shell to ‘open for business’!

Heading to Cardiff was exciting and also nerve-racking, you never know what to expect! So off we trek from our Head Office in Peterborough, all the way to Cardiff. Reaching Cardiff at night time, we got an early night ready for the bright and early start, helping fit out the new store.

When we arrived in the morning (after a lovely nibble of hotel breakfast!) the new store was literally a shell, completely and utterly empty. I have to say it looked like we had our work cut out, I honestly didn’t know how we were going to fit out this entire store in just 2 days!


We started working straight away, opening all the fittings and fixtures, putting them all together and then placing them where they were to stand in our new store, we had to do this to every wall and every stand on the shop floor. My next task was to build the mannequins for the windows whilst everyone else was busy doing other things. This was actually harder than it sounds, these mannequins are the same size as myself and trying to add limbs to the body whilst holding it was a master in itself! Once you have all limbs on, then is the time to lift the whole thing and place it in its holder, these mannequins are pretty heavy and also delicate, so this took the utmost care!


After a good cup of tea, and discovering take away Toby Carvery, it was back to work! Looking around things were beginning to take shape. We had fittings ready for the clothes, and the rails upon rails of clothing had started to roll in from the lorry. We had 2 flights of stairs to contend between the stock room and the shop floor, so getting this store full of stock was going to be a mission!

We created a train of people, with Visual merchandisers leading the way on where the stock goes, we were all doing OK, but one thing you could not pre-empt is how heavy an arm full of Yours Clothing goodies could be! After 3 full hours my arms were aching like they have never ached before, my legs were going to jelly, and I never thought I would see the end of this lorry load! But there it was, the last rail of today, and we were done, day 1 down, just day 2 to go!

Day 2 was the easier of the days, more of the lovely friendly store staff has joined us to help kit out the store, and now it was time for the visual merchandisers to work their magic and make the store look pretty with the help of all the staff learning along the way. Next on the list was dressing the mannequins, putting up pictures of our stunning models and tidying up ready for the big opening!

On 20th November our Cardiff flagship store was open! Along with our 5 other stores we opened this year in Warrington, Cwmbran, Bristol, Southampton and Crawley. Watch this space for many more in 2014!

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