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Plus-Size Pregnancy Guide


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Being a plus size maternity brand we know there is a lot of stigma around pregnancy myths, complications, nutrition etc. We wanted to get someone who has had first-hand experience of being both plus size and pregnant to answer a few of those un-answered questions.

We asked plus size blogger and ultimate babe Pretty Big Butterflies to answer some questions about how pregnancy was for her. She shares with us her tips and advice in this guide specifically for women who are maybe uncertain or apprehensive about being plus-size and pregnant.


plus size maternity blogger - tips for plus size pregnancy

new born baby announcement - tips for new mums


BIU: How long did it take you to get pregnant?

PBB: It didn’t take long at all. I went on a 4 month sabbatical from work to do some travelling and basically got pregnant straight away!

BIU: What were your first signs that you were pregnant?

PBB: I kept waking up having to go to the loo in the night. This is SO unlike me as I usually sleep through the night. I knew there was something different going on because of this.

BIU: Did you have any worries regarding plus size pregnancy?

PBB: No! I thought the worry would be in getting pregnant, but I’m lucky and it happened quickly. The worry comes depending on your midwife. I was lucky to have a body positive midwife who had her own issues with how BMI works!

BIU: What is the most ridiculous plus size pregnancy myth you have heard?

PBB: That plus size women cannot get pregnant full stop. HELLO!

BIU: What was your ‘go to’ item in your wardrobe during pregnancy?

PBB: Honestly, it was leggings. They were the most comfortable thing. Then it was my BUMP IT UP MATERNITY Magenta Waterfall Cardigan which I wore with a white vest top. It just made me feel secure but was a lovely bright colour.


bump it up maternity clothing cardigan plus sizeBUMP_IT_UP_MATERNITY_Magenta_Waterfall_Cardigan_056338_d343


BIU: When did you start to feel movement from your little one?

PBB: At about 18 weeks I felt a small tapping which was so strange. I’d say I really started feeling the kicks around 24 weeks and that’s when my Fiancé felt the kicks too.

BIU: Did you stick to any form of diet or healthy eating plan?

PBB: My taste-buds completely changed. All I wanted to eat was chocolate milk, ham sandwiches and prawn cocktail crisps. As the baby got bigger, my stomach got smaller. It’s always a good idea to eat lots of fresh food so you’re getting everything you and the baby needs. But never diet when you’re pregnant.

BIU: When did your bump become noticeable?

PBB: I remember going to work at about 6 months and everyone’s face just fell. They were all pointing at my bump like it had just arrived. In their words that’s when I ‘popped’.


33 weeks pregnant - plus size pregnancy tipsplus size pregnancy tips - plus size blogger


BIU: Did you have any complications within your pregnancy because of being plus size?

PBB: Nope! Everything they tested me for came back negative. I was lucky and probably the healthiest I’ve ever been. I know many women, plus size or not have complications but I had a really great pregnancy. I’d get pregnant again anytime… the birth… not so much.

BIU: Do you have any pregnancy tips or advice for new mums or soon to be mums?

PBB: Everyone will say it but rest as much as you can. Enjoy those little things in life-like long showers and breakfast in bed. If you’re trying to relax, try your best to keep stress to a minimum. I think knowing I had a few months off work with no pressure made a huge difference to my body chemistry. Oh and comfortable shoes. Your feet will expand… trust me.

Do you have any questions you want answered which we haven’t included here? Is there anything in specific which you have always wondered but never been 100% sure about? Get in touch and we’ll try our best to answer anything more we can!

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