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Rocking My Onesie!


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At last the onesies have arrived!

I have been waiting what seems like forever since I saw them in the coming soon section of my favourite website Yours Clothing.

Imagine it…its cold, its dark, and X factors on what is better then snuggling up in a onesie with a mug of hot chocolate? I personally can not think of anything better…well maybe running off with Daniel Craig and living the millionaire lifestyle but I’m pretty sure that isnt going to happen any time soon! Anyway back to my oneise and X factor…its the perfect way of keeping warm on those cold nights and looking super cute at the same time.

I love Yours‘ onesies as they are so colourful and super soft.

Already I’m torn as to which design I and black stars or pink spots I just cant decide!

I also see a rather cute Christmas snowflake design which would be perfect for Christmas Eve :-) I’ve signed up for the let me know email and so I will be able to order it as soon as its in stock.

Well I have no choice but to order them both :-)

I can not wait for them to be delivered and I know its gonna be no more Mrs Freeze for me…..


So if you want to be warm this winter I highly recommend a onesie to beat those winter blues!