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What To Pack For A Weekend Away


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We’ve all been there. It’s Thursday night; you’re heading off on a weekend getaway tomorrow, but you still haven’t packed. Before you start throwing everything into your overnight bag in a mad panic, it’s a good idea to take a moment to think about where you’re going and what you might need. Not sure where to start? We’ve put together the ultimate checklist for you, as well as all the tips and tricks to remember when packing for a weekend away.

General Weekend Packing List

  • Two casual tops
  • One dressier top for evening plans (or a dress)
  • One pair of bottoms – jeans are versatile!
  • Knickers and socks as required
  • One bra (you may need two bras depending on your outfits)
  • Pyjamas or nightdress
  • One pair of flat shoes
  • Another pair of shoes if needed (boots, heels or sandals depending on your plans)
  • Phone charger
  • Toiletries (travel-sized to keep it light!)
  • Hair & makeup essentials – this is as much or as little as your routine requires!
  • Any personal items you might need, e.g.: passport or travel documents, purse, medication, books, technology.

Once you’ve got your basic packing list together, you can start thinking about clothing more specifically. The trick is to select key foundation pieces that go with everything – that way you can mix and match as you please! Need a few ideas to get you started? Keep scrolling – we got you.

A Good Pair Of Jeans

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You can’t go wrong with a staple pair of jeans to keep your luggage light. Comfortable and practical, yet stylish and versatile – the right pair of jeans has it all. Choose wisely, and this single pair could serve you from Friday evening all the way through to Sunday. Opt for a mid-blue or black wash, as these colours will be easy to style with almost anything. Keep it plain or choose ripped distressed detailing – it’s up to you!


Pack Layers

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We all know how unpredictable the weather can be, especially if you are holidaying somewhere in the UK! Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing; you can’t go wrong with packing layers. Even if you are 99% certain it’s going to be sunny and warm when you reach your destination, it doesn’t hurt to pack a light layer in your bag – you never know when you might need it. We love this khaki jacket as it’s super versatile and lightweight, making it easy to carry around.


Choose Day-To-Night Looks

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One way to keep your bag or suitcase light is to choose outfits that will take your look effortlessly from day-to-night. ‘Jeans and a nice top’ is the easiest way to nail this trick, as all you have to do is swap flat shoes for heels and add some accessories to be ready for your evening plans.


It’s also important to think about what type of weekend you are packing for. Although the general list will cover most occasions and eventualities, you might need to tweak it to fit with where you are going and what you have planned.

The Great Outdoors

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If you’re heading to the countryside to do some exploring, your weekend checklist has to include the essentials. You might need walking boots or gym leggings; maybe even a waterproof rain jacket – just remember to pack light and be prepared for any kind of weather.


Romantic Weekend

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Planned a romantic getaway with someone special? Remember to pack a dressier outfit for an evening dinner or drinks, as well as jewellery and perfume. Make it a weekend to remember and impress whilst you undress with our range of sexy lingerie – perfect for those intimate moments behind closed doors.


Chasing The Sun

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If you’re heading abroad for your weekend away, then I am so jealous. But more importantly, your packing list needs to be kept simple but still full of the ultimate holiday essentials. Hand luggage only? No problem. Swap your jeans for shorts, throw in a couple of swimsuits and remember your sun cream!


Our Top Tips

  • Choose the right bag. This will all depend on where you are going and how you’re getting there. If you’re heading to the airport or getting the train, you might want a roll-along suitcase to allow for easy travel. If you are going camping or staying in multiple locations, you will need a rucksack or backpack.
  • Check the weather. There’s no point in packing shorts and sandals if it’s going to rain all weekend, and you equally don’t want to take up valuable packing space with a winter coat if you aren’t going to need it.
  • Only take what you absolutely need! Plan your outfits beforehand, hold back on the heavy items and don’t take every toiletry in your bathroom cabinet. If you’re staying in a hotel, check with them beforehand and ask if they provide things like shower gel, shampoo and conditioner to save on space.

Have you got a weekend away planned? Let us know where you’re going and your ultimate travel essentials! Head over to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag us using the hashtag #ThisIsYours for a chance to be featured on our social channels.