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Who Runs The World… Girls!


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That’s why we are celebrating international women’s day on Sunday 8th March.

International women’s day is a day to unite all women around the world! Let’s celebrate how far we have come as a sex celebrating moments in history & what else we can still achieve.

The theme for this year is #EachForEqual and it’s all about increasing visibility, whilst calling out inequality and raising awareness.

How We Celebrate Women at Yours

IWD shoot, Friday 21st February 2020 - Zoe, Maria, Bally, Jen, Sam, Kemi18785

Here at Yours Clothing we believe in embracing and empowering every woman, regardless of shape or size.

We stand for empowerment, positivity and including others. We want to build each other up, not tear each other down. To mark such a special day this year we invited some of our real women – Face of Yours Winners back in to hear their stories on what it means to be a woman in 2020!

We had such a special day talking to them and finding out exactly what happens when women support women! So much so we have decided to dedicate a whole month to our beautiful ambassadors ?

Here’s a sneak peek below on some of the Face of Yours ladies message on empowerment unity & self-love.

What would you say to your younger self?

“Say what you like, be yourself, don’t worry about what other people think.” – Bally

IWD shoot, Friday 21st February 2020 - Zoe, Maria, Bally, Jen, Sam, Kemi19027
Top Left: Jenna, Kemmi, Zoe | Bottom Left: Bally, Sam, Maria

What makes you proud of yourself?

“I’ve learnt to be confident and managed to prove to myself I can do anything I put my mind to. I’m proud of the woman I’ve become today because I’m strong, loving and happy because I don’t listen to doubt from others or myself anymore.” – Justine

What advice would you give to another woman?

“Know your worth. That’s very important. Definitely know your worth. Don’t let anybody take advantage of you. You’re special just the way you are, you don’t have to change for anybody. I think that too many people think that they need to change to make others happy, so be happy for yourself and know how valuable you are as yourself.” – Sam

IWD shoot, Friday 21st February 2020 - Zoe, Maria, Bally, Jen, Sam, Kemi18512
Sam – FOY Winner 2019

Who is your idol?

“My idols are people like Felicity Hayward, Ashley Graham, Lizzo, just people who are showing that you can be confident at any size, any shape, any age, any colour, just be who you are meant to be and love yourself.” – Jenna

What happens when women support women?

“What happens when women support women? Growth. When women support other women, growth, unity and lot of crowns and less frowns” – Kemmi

IWD shoot, Friday 21st February 2020 - Zoe, Maria, Bally, Jen, Sam, Kemi18603
Kemmi – FOY Winner 2019

Ways You Can Celebrate International Women’s Day

  • Celebrate the day with the influential women in your life. Whether it’s your mum, a close friend or a family member, do something fun and raise awareness.
  • Do something to make yourself feel better. For example, accomplishing a goal you’ve set yourself but haven’t had time to complete. Celebrate you.
  • Support the women around you. Whether it’s in the workplace or your personal life, listen, be kind and motivate the women around you.
  • Remember to amplify the message on social media. Using the hashtag #EachForEqual and #IWD2020 post how you’ll be celebrating for everyone to see.
  • Donate To a Women’s Charity. There’s plenty of great charity’s around supporting equality and women’s mental health.


Head over to our social channels to hear more from our FOY winners! Plus, don’t forget to show your support with one of our ‘Be Kind’ T-Shirts, with proceeds going to a charity of your choice.


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Show us how you’ll be celebrating International Women’s Day this year and include us in your pledges using our hashtag #ThisIsYours.


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