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Yours Stylist… Christmas Day Outfits!


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ChristmasDayOurtfitsHeaderHi ladies,

Everywhere I go, everyone is buzzing about Christmas! We are definitely in the full swing of it now with just over a week to go and it’s time to sort out that all important Christmas day outfit. Picking your outfit is really dependant on how you will be spending your day, and you may have more than one! I have put together four different looks which are sure to keep you covered whatever your plans are.


Now I know there are many of you who won’t be getting dressed until much much later in the day, if at all! Oneises are perfect if you prefer to stay couch-bound and cosy as they provide the ultimate comfort and, in my opinion, are still a totally acceptable outfit for greeting visitors. Finish off your “Christmas Comfort” outfit with a pair of our cosy socks and a cute hot water bottle to keep you extra warm.


Personally, I’m a sucker for a novelty jumper and I buy a new one every year – it’s tradition! Come Christmas day I’ll be wearing one of mine with a pair of jeggings so that I’m looking festive, feeling comfortable and ready for a day of feasting!


Lots of you will be heading out of the house; and whether it’s to visit family members, head off to the local pub, or take the dog for a walk, you need to be wrapped up in style. Wear this knitted fairisle tunic with a pair of thick leggings, long boots and a trendy faux fur headband for a festive layered look! Check out The Great Outdoors trend for more chunky knits and warm winter accessories.


Finally, for those of you that are getting into full-on party mode, this outfit is super glam but still super comfortable! This sexy lace stretch skirt is easy to pull-on and this sequin embellished top has flattering chiffon layers that gently drape over the tummy area so you can still relax and enjoy yourself.

Whatever you choose to wear and whatever your plans may be, just remember to have fun and spread as much festive cheer as possible!

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas.

Love Rebekah x

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