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Customise Your Home Screen with YOURS Widgets


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If you’ve got the latest iPhone software you’ll know all about customisable widgets! We’re loving all the aesthetically pleasing home screens. We’re loving them so much that we’ve made our own YOURS widgets available for you to download, and customise yourself.

Keep scrolling to find your favourite design, perfect for re-organising your home screen.

Download Version 1 Here

Download Version 2 Here

Download Version 3 Here

Download Version 4 Here

Download Version 5 Here

How To Customise iOS 14 Widgets

There seems to be a few ways to customise your home screen, this was the easiest way we found.

  1. Download your favourite Yours Clothing widget design and make sure to save the app designs you want to use into photos.
  2. Put the apps you want to edit into you app library by holding them down and choosing that option.
  3. Open the Shortcuts app (already on your iPhone) and click the + in the right top corner then click ‘Add Action‘.
  4. Click ‘Open App‘ and choose the app you want to customise, then click the in the right top corner, and then ‘Add to Home Screen‘.
  5. Choose a name e.g. calendar, then tap the icon to choose a photo then tap add. This app will now be on your home screen with your new design!

We found this tutorial right here super helpful. To do the bigger widgets, this is a little more complicated and requires another app.

  1. Download the Widgetsmith app and allow access to your photos. Save the YC designs you want to use into photos.
  2. In the Widgetsmith app, choose the size (S, M or L) of the widget you’d like to customise and tap the widget to customise.
  3. Choose the template you want to use, then scroll down to custom, then tap photo and choose the photo you want to be on the widget.
  4. Go to your homepage, hold down on an empty bit of screen until the + in the top right appears. Scroll down to Widgetsmith, then click ‘add widget‘ for the size you just chose.
  5. Once it appears onto your home screen, hold it down, tap edit and then select the widget you just made!

For a super quick and easy Widgetsmith tutorial, tap here!

We hope you love your new home screen as much as we do! Show us your new layouts over on our socials by using the hashtag #ThisIsYours on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you might even get featured!